Suge Knight FAINTS In Court…

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Where are the Ushers with the church fans? This fool done passed out after getting the news that he has to pay a whopping $25 MILLION to bail out of jail.

According to TMZ… Prosecutor Cynthia Barnes filed paperwork for the Suge Knight murder case to have his bail set at $25 MILLION. This was to be heard early this morning in court. Wellp… the judge joined the forces and officially set the bail at $25 MILLION!!!!

Prosecuters claimed that he is a “prolific and unrepentant criminal.” Barnes had cited 31 incidents over the last 10 years where Big Suga Baby was violent and has laundered more than $10 million since 2002. Along with that paperwork, she also submitted dozens of police reports linking Suge to robbery, assault and battery, extortion, and witness intimidation.

Here’s his lawyer, Attorney Matt Fletcher, accusing Barnes of watching too much ‘Empire.’ “It’s like she watches “Empire” and comes in and says, ‘He was an unrepentant and shameless criminal. Prosecute him.'”

Now yall know good and well that boy been threatening people since grade school… probably stealing food out of people’s lunch boxes and muscling people for their food stamps. He definitely is the hungry kind. Barnes claims that Chunky Suga Boo was angry when he entered the Tam’s burger parking lot before he ran over and killed Terry Carter. So do you think this was an accident? Do you think that a $25 Million bond is too much? Do you think he fainted on purpose?
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