Reporter Pushes Erykah Ba’dumb!

Picture 9

Grownazz 43-year-old Erykah Badu is at it again… still being contraversial.  Friday in NYC, Badu, wearing an jokey large white hat, decides to rudely interrupt PIX 11’s Mario Diaz as he gives a Live Broadcast on the recent arrest of Shia LaBeouf. No one knows what the R&B Singer was up to.  We were just hoping that she would not have stripped down naked in the background as she did for her “Window Seat” video… yet this was a LIVE broadcast.  Badu denied the allegations at first, but dernit, Erykah! It’s on the damn tape!  She later apologize to Diaz via Twitter!  Somebody call Tyrone and tell him to go get this girl. Watch Below and tell us what you think!

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