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Where Are They?

Want to know what happened to MuzikMill™ Radio? Nothing! MuzikMill™ Radio is currently in Transition! We will be back after these messages! Question_mark

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MuzikMill™ Radio is currently looking for new male hosts to be on Global Hood Talk! If you like to bluntly tell it like it is, we want you!


If you are interested in hosting your own 30 minute radio show, please email us a picture of yourself with your name and recent contact number, along with a paragraph describing your show to us and explaining why you think you should have your own show! If we like your idea, we will contact you for a live interview to hear your radio voice and find out more about you. In the event that we want to work with you, we will forward you a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Radio Hosting Agreement that you must read, sign, and have notarized before you send it back to us. We will put you on a 60-90 day trial period in hopes of your show taking off! In the event that your show brings in more traffic to, we will amend and extend your agreement with us!

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Coming Back Soon… The Rod Stevie Show, Muzik Talk, Speak On It Sista, & Global Hood Talk!