JJ Dae Representing The Carolinas At WSAATL Conference


Attention Music Lovers!!!
11880806_10100247909221429_952626012_nThe Votes Are In and an Executive Decision has been made! It is our pleasure to announce who will be representing the Carolina Group for the “No Covers” Revue at the 2015 WSAATL Singer/Songwriter Retreat in Atlanta GA.
Although all of you are extremely gifted and talented, this particular artist has got the pizazz and the swagger that it takes to represent our combined states to the fullest. This person is hot, hungry, yet humble… well known in the south and has performed at many places throughout the states. This chosen artist has a superb professional brand presentation, is extremely marketable, and also values what the ‪#‎WSAATL‬ brand stands for. This said artist truly knows the meaning of the phrase that pays “SQUAD UP!”
Ladies and gentlemen, I could go on for days with positive things to say, but I’ll just let you know that it is my pleasure to announce that Mr. JJ Dae will be representing the Carolinas at the 2015 WSAATL Retreat!!!
Let’s all ‪#‎SquadUp‬, Congratulate, and show JJ Dae some love!!

Source: Timberly K. Simmons, MBA/EBMS
National Rep/ Carolina Group Coordinator
Writing Sessions Of America

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